Leading Your Team Through Change

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The only thing constant in life is change.

As a leader, how do you navigate an ever-changing landscape to ensure your team continues to adapt and thrive?

Nurturing your workplace culture and allowing it to evolve positively with change is crucial in keeping your key people motivated and onboard to move forward.

Rather than adopting a perfectionist mindset, an imperfectionist approach allows us to face challenges and build resilience in a dynamic world.

Achieve imperfection by:

  1. Being curious

When we consider the lens we view a situation through and are open to trying on other perspectives, we open ourselves up to valuable insights that help us make more informed decisions.

Our environment is changing at a rapid pace, so retrospective information that we have relied on in the past is often found redundant. Instead, curiosity encourages exploration and learning, which allows us to embrace a variety of possibilities and breakthrough the status quo.

By promoting learning opportunities and seeking diverse perspectives amongst our team, we foster a culture of curiosity in the workplace.

  1. Remaining fluid in your strategies

To continue advancing, most businesses have moved beyond traditional frameworks. Instead, experimenting with imperfect strategies by taking small, reversible steps gives us the opportunity to learn and adapt along the way.

When strategising, consider reversible initiatives that align with your organisation’s values, then try them out. Monitor the impact and make adjustments along the way. Remember – nothing is a failure if you have learned something from it!

  1. Continuously improving

With the goal of imperfection, employees on all levels must have the opportunity to collaborate and contribute their ideas, challenge the workplace norms, and drive change.

Leaders have access to a well of fresh insights when they encourage their team to offer differing perspectives. Foster an environment of open communication where your team feels empowered to challenge the existing norms. With a willingness to listen and regular feedback sessions, we can meet challenges with ease and move through change positively and unified.