Your people differentiate you from your competition... 
nurture, empower & invest in your employees.

Let Shiift assist you in developing the team you need and an organisational culture they will thrive in. 

Our professional development programs are suitable for all sectors – from tourism to trades, resources to retail, our techniques will genuinely resonate with your employees to foster positive organisational change.

Based in the Whitsundays, we offer tailored workshops, events & coaching across Queensland including Airlie Beach, Mackay, the Coalfields and the wider Whitsunday region. Using the latest coaching tools we focus on strength-finding, team building strategies, leadership programs and individual business coaching sessions, which will leave your employees feeling empowered and motivated.

Empower Your Team

Building motivated,
productive teams is our strength
- let's make it yours too!

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Grow Your Business

We provide the tools to best manage
 your growth through your systems,
structure, people & culture.

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Leadership Programs
Strengths-based Coaching
Personality Profiling

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Investment in people is crucial to creating a sustainable business and providing training to change attitudes and behaviours, will have a positive effect on your customer experience and your bottom line.  Our clients range from SME’s, family-owned businesses, as well as large corporate entities, assisting them to facilitate positive changes in organisational culture to support their future growth. The team at Shiift will work with you to provide leadership training, change management and conflict management strategies, which will upskill, empower and motivate your team. 

In this highly competitive marketplace, a strong workplace culture is the key to employee engagement, high productivity and increases in your business’s financial health. Shiift offer a organisational analysis service which identifies gaps in organisational structure and efficiencies, then creates a long-term employee development program to ensure clarity for the team and the long-term success of the business.


Long-term Growth Planning, Management Strategies, Mentoring,
Continuous Improvement

Analysis & Change Management Plans

Organisational Reviews for efficiencies & Stepped Plans for positive, sustainable improvement

Behaviours &

 What drives behaviour in your business?
Nurture the roots to reap the fruits!

We supply the roadmap

What's your objective??
You define the outcome
We provide the pathway

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Workshops & latest updates

"A tiny 3% increase in 1 person's motivation = 54+ hrs of productivity per year!" 

We believe  

. . . in the value of 'what if'?
. . . in creating a catalyst for change
. . . identifying untapped potentials 
. . . maximising existing strengths

is ensuring  every person in every workplace feels inspired, valued & motivated,
from the business owner to the front-line employees
resulting in increased productivity & creating consistently exceptional customer experiences. 
is teaching people 'how to manage people' and creating a business structure to support your 1, 2 & 5 year goals. 
 tools, development plans and programs are created & delivered by people who have walked a road similar to yours. 
We know what works . . .