Lead by Influence

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Managing or having “control” of a person/team doesn’t gain long-term positive results. The idea that you can control anyone (except yourself), is an illusion, that can be harmful to your company culture and the growth of the individuals within your team.

True leadership is about influence – inspiring and motivating others to act positively and with purpose.

By surrendering control, you invite your team to discover their potential and create a culture where people are inspired to go beyond the minimum expectations so they can achieve great things together.

The one thing you do have control over is YOU.

Improve your positive influence as a leader by controlling:

Your reactions
Respond, don’t react. Instead of meeting stressful situations on impulse, take a moment to pause and consider the lens you’re viewing things through. Don’t forget that body language makes up approximately 65% of communication, so it’s not just what you say. Be in control of your emotional and physical reactions.

Your attitude
As a leader, people look to you for reassurance and direction in times of disruption or change. Be in tune with your emotions and consider how they can affect your team’s perception. To foster optimism and instil confidence in your team, it’s important to amplify your positive emotions and minimise the negatives.

Your biases
We all have unconscious biases – they can come from past experiences, the environment/culture we grew up in, our education and life experineces etc. When our biases manifest in actions, we can send messages to certain people causing them to feel demotivated and / or excluded. If this happens over an extended period, the individual may question their value and their commitment to the company. Leaders should delve deep to identify any conscious or subconscious biases they hold, so they can be managed and regulated.

Embrace your potential as a leader by positively influencing the people around you, giving them the opportunity to discover their full potential and thrive!