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Currently running in 3 locations, Thrive is an exclusive women’s professional development group that meets monthly to identify, explore and develop self strengths that can be utilised in the workplace, as well as at home.

Based upon positive psychology and the neuroscience of creating new patterns of behaviour, participants learn increased communication and resilience skills, creating new habits, individual strengths, personality types, effective feedback, mental strength in an empowering, learning environment.

One of Shiift’s signature programs we are truly proud of.

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Mate 2 Manager

Stepping up from ‘team-mate’ to managing your team-mates is one of the most difficult transitions to do successfully. It requires redefining workplace relationships and learning to ‘manage’ instead of ‘do.

Understanding what you bring to the role and how you can positively impact those around you is critical to successful self-leadership. We identify and develop your leadership style to learn the art of effective communication, managing diverse personalities, and how to manage conflict when it arises.

Help your new leaders develop the people skills they need to succeed.

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Manager 2 Leader

This is the “go-to” of leadership programs.

We step participants through behaviour change, leadership traits, delegation, motivation, feedback, recognition, time management, conflict management, communication, team building, creating your culture and more.

We create accountabilities for implementation within participant’s workplaces and check in on progress between each monthly module.

This program provides a great foundation for new managers, supervisors, team leaders and business owners.

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Strengths Finder
Strengths Finder

Imagine if you could create the change you need in your work & your personal life with the least amount of effort! A strengths-based approach is about capitalising on the things we are good at.

Based on the Positive Psychology of identifying strengths rather than weaknesses, the Gallup Strengths finder helps accelerate outcomes by showing participants how to sit in their strengths and create the state of ‘flow’.

This tool helps create the environment for individuals and teams to thrive. If you are looking for a product which can change team dynamics overnight – this is a must for all! Use it as a 1:1 coaching tool or to fast-track team cohesion & productivity.

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Managing Conflict
Managing Conflict

Workplace conflict is often unavoidable. Differing personalities, values, beliefs and priorities create the potential for conflict daily.

Managing conflict is an invaluable skillset required by all and realistically the only skills we learn to manage conflict were taught in the schoolyard.

Being able to identify conflict before it is visible, step into difficult discussions and disarm potential for conflict through body language and language is critical to harmonious, productive environments.

This workshop digs into the psychology of conflict and provides templates for the resolution process, the art of language, and 1:1 discussions.

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Creating Our Workplace Culture Rgb
Workplace Culture

Our Purpose, Our Business

Does your team know why it exists? What is their purpose, as well as that of the business?

We help organisations identify core values, beliefs, expectations, priorities and goals.

This workshop increases employee engagement and provides a platform for team-members to have a voice whilst including them on the business journey.

Creating a strong workplace culture is integral to business success. We delve deep into team expectations, goals, behaviours & individual values to motivate and align your teams to work towards common goals.Identify, revisit or redefine your purpose today.

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Ilead Rgb

Our self-leadership program provides the space for participants to self-assess with honesty, build confidence, understand unique strengths, and create a greater awareness of capabilities and untapped potentials.

i-Lead identifies traits, strengths and develops early leadership skills by building resilience, emotional well-being and self-confidence. Suitable for new team leaders, managers and those about to step up.

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Communication 101 Rgb
Effective Communication

Learn how to harness the ‘superpowers’ of introverts and extroverts, brush up on communication 101 and understand the nuances of different personality types with this personality type program.

The MBTI helps you understand personality types (including your own) and create a greater appreciation of differences. It provides strategies to allow effective communication, manage conflict and create cohesive productive teams.

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Performance Coaching Rgb
Business Coaching

From the development of strategy and providing forums for innovative thinking to assisting business owners and leaders with navigating periods of organisational change, our tailored approach to business coaching is developed after an in-depth consultation process.

One shoe definitely does not fit all and our experienced team are primed to help you pivot.

1:1, Teams, Leadership, & Performance Coaching available.

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Products and Services


$54.00 – $109.00

Based upon positive psychology this assessment measures individual strengths rather than gaps or weaknesses. Individuals have confirmed what they are good at so they can leverage these strengths & create better outcomes with minimal effort.

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Emotion Cards


Emotions drive behaviour.

By learning to identify and name the emotions we experience, we can understand our physical reactions, as well as our behaviours. 

Our emotions cards can help to create a better understanding of each other.

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Conflicting values can be a major source of irritation in the workplace and at home. Identifying your Top 5 values defines the ‘lens we view the world through’. What we value becomes what we see. Our values cards are an easy 3 minute activity everyone can do. 

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