Our Vision 

To create the ultimate environment for people & business to thrive.

Shiift specialises in leadership, culture and performance. We create positive, sustainable change which is motivating & productive for your people and profitable to your business.

Our experienced team empowers others to achieve their greatest potential through changing behaviours, leveraging individual and team strengths, building leadership & the capacity for diverse personalities to collectively thrive. Shiift understands the challenges in finding time to implement effective change strategies – we’ve been there ourselves! We drive curiosity, provide knowledge & create platforms for self-development, whilst supporting the implementation process.

Those seeking inspiration, innovation and continuous improvement will be provided the tools, training and ongoing support required to create the outcomes your business needs

Our Values


The curiosities & behaviours that create community


Courage to be yourself


Aligning strengths with purpose


Better tomorrow than we are today


Shiift your perspective!

Judy Porter

Judy Porter

Leadership, Culture & Performance Specialist

With over 25+ years’ experience as a successful multi-industry business owner, combined with a Psychology degree majoring in Organisational Behaviour (BBeSt Psych), Judy brings pivotal insights and a wealth of knowledge and understanding to her clients.

Judy’s business experience coupled with her passion for ‘what drives behaviour’ creates a formidable framework for helping businesses’ thrive! From start-up to managing over 250 employees Judy has firsthand experience of the difficulties faced in implementing sustainable positive change that actually works. Judy’s passion for challenging the status quo, understanding personality types, communication and leadership styles teamed with her own personal business experience is what makes Shiift’s programs relatable, achievable and successful.

Strengths: Input | Achiever | Learner | Relator | Individualisation

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Myers Briggs

Alita DeBrincat

Leadership, Culture & Performance Specialist

Certificate Badge NlpAlita DeBrincat is a dedicated professional with a career spanning over three decades. Her dynamic leadership journey has encompassed various industries, including Tourism, Hospitality, Transport logistics, Catering, Construction, and Surveying. She is recognized and respected for her unwavering dedication to building exceptional teams, fostering positive workplace cultures, and her continual pursuit of personal and professional growth, both for herself and those she leads.

Beyond her corporate accomplishments, Alita’s leadership extends into the realm of community engagement. She has actively participated in and led numerous community organizations, with a strong emphasis on supporting sporting initiatives. Her commitment to community development reflects her core values of teamwork, inclusivity, and the importance of giving back to society.

Alita’s diverse background, coupled with her unwavering commitment to ongoing personal and professional development, has established her as a highly sought-after and effective coach and mentor.

Key Competencies: Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner; Diploma of Management. 

Strengths: Analytical | Relator | Arranger | Achiever | Responsibility

Alita Debrincat
Kylie Forgione Profile

Kylie Forgione

Facilitation & Projects

A strong believer in imbibing positivity and enthusiasm in every workplace, Kylie’s passion is developing communication skills within teams and maximising others to stimulate personal and group excellence. Kylie values creativity and innovation and strives to bring this to her role daily.

With a 25-year career spanning the tourism, hospitality, retail, and telecommunications sectors, Kylie thrives on embracing diversity and making a positive impact. Throughout her career, she has absorbed a plethora of knowledge, which she wholeheartedly translates into facilitation, projects, and day-to-day interactions.

Kylie believes by fostering a culture of understanding, appreciation, and constant innovation businesses can drive positive, sustainable change.

Together, we can create an environment where your people thrive.

Myers Briggs

Strengths: Empathy | Strategic | Communication | Positivity | Maximizer

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