#1 Motivator for 2023 – Why?


If you want to create change, create curiosity to change, or drive direct, positive, motivational change – tell them ‘why’!

Creating a change in our behaviour takes effort – so if you want people to change, give them the “what’s in it for” factor (WIIFM). Telling team members how and why they will benefit motivates them to put the effort in to change. Without the ‘WIIFM’ factor we have no motivation to invest our time or effort.

Not only that, knowing our “why”:

  • Leads to a greater sense of purpose
  • Creates a positive ripple effect in sales/customers/clients as we feel the need to share our ‘why’

Finding your own personal “why” can look like:

Being focused on the long-game – driven by what you’re doing beyond the short term

When you think of the projects you’re currently working on, do you imagine continuing that work for years to come? If so, does that excite you beyond your bank balance?

The genuine belief that what you are doing has a greater impact than just your own footprint. 

Believing that we have something of value to impart on others gives us a sense of connectedness, community and belonging.

How is your work serving others?

For most, there is far more fulfillment and personal happiness found in helping others over succeeding for personal gain.

Finding purpose in the menial tasks

Finding your “why” doesn’t mean grasping onto one true calling. Many people will find a variety of purposes throughout life – it’s finding that purpose that keeps us going when the going gets tough (or boring / stagnating).

When we’re doing something that’s connected with “why”, we are reminded of the big picture. We all impact and influence those we connect with each day. By connecting with our why, we can help impact these people in a positive way.

When your why is big enough, you will find your how” – Les Brown