Increase your Awesome

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Many of us have seen the advantages of awe from spending time in nature or doing something extraordinary that leaves us feeling revitalised and inspired.

It turns out studies back this up, showing that having the feeling of awe on a regular basis can enhance creativity and improve decision-making.

Awe is usually experienced as:

  • A sense of something being larger in magnitude, vastness or significance
  • The need to assess personal beliefs held to make sense of the vastness or wonder that is being experienced

In other words, we often feel a sense of awe when we feel like a small part in a much larger whole.

Spend time in nature

Awesome experiences compel us to reassess our mental frameworks and force us into the present. This can reduce the clutter of worries and ‘what-ifs’ so that we can clearly prioritise and make decisions that align with our values.

Listen to music

All of us are drawn to songs or genres of music that tap into our emotions. To invoke awe, listen to the music that gives you chills or resonates with you on a deeper level.

Look to those whose inspire you

Many of us draw motivation from other people, whether they are family members, ancestors, distant role models, or current colleagues. Take time to think about their accomplishments, resilience, or any other qualities that fill you with admiration.

Awe-inducing experiences are among the most powerful methods for personal transformation and development. Make time in your every day life to seek out experiences that give you the sensation of awe. You will likely find a positive shift in perspective, along with a deeper connection to yourself and those around you.