Performance – hate the word, love the outcome!


What is it about the word ‘performance’ which makes a lot of us disconnect (and not bother reading the rest of this blog…..zzzz)??

For me, it’s too formal & I don’t go to work to ‘perform’ – I go to achieve and create outcomes.

Yet performance is exactly what we require in the workplace. It is a tangible, measurable outcome which is the result of the two largest influencing factors in your workplace…

Leadership + Workplace Culture.

If you nail these two factors then high level performance is a no-brainer. Yet for many, committing to creating great leadership and the desired workplace culture is simply an irritation, or an effort that they just can’t be bothered with.

We would challenge that this ‘irritation’ is costing your business in insurmountable profitability, productivity, loyal repeat customers and the ability to scale & grow. The effort you put in will be rewarded greatly by an increase in staff retention, motivation, productivity, safety record, job satisfaction, mutual accountability, respect, trust and engagement.

Performance is not just something you can measure, it is observable; you can see it, hear it and feel it. It can feel like an energetic, inspiring ‘buzz’ in the room; alternatively, in a dysfunctional workplace, it can feel like somethings rotting in the corner….. just out of sight.

Guess what?? if you can see, hear, feel it, so can your customers. 

So, how do we turn it around?

How do we improve our team’s performance?

1. Remember your team is made up of individuals – one size doesn’t fit all. This is critical when you increase the factors which influence your workplace culture – goals, vision, mission, engagement, motivation, recognition, acknowledgement, feedback, empowerment, autonomy, trust, respect & honesty.

These needs to be individualised for each team-member. Sounds laborious but it’s just a matter of getting to know your team & tweaking the way you communicate & lead for each.

2. Leadership sets the example for your culture ‘the way we do things here’. Empower your leaders and skill them. Great leadership always starts with the ability to self-assess – What could I have done differently today to create a better outcome? What did my team really need from me today vs. what I could be bothered doing?

These are the 2 questions your leaders should be asking themselves at the end of each day.

Great leaders lead with honesty, passion, commitment, humility, trust and respect and understand the importance of leveraging individual team strengths and the power of frequent, authentic communication and feedback.

Leadership + Culture = Performance!

Create great role-models and create a motivating respectful environment where your team feel valued, and you will soon see performance sky-rocket!

There’s a catch – this isn’t a one-off effort, it’s a workplace change of behaviours.

Congratulations – you’ve now created the workplace where only the best people want to work!!