Leveraging Language

Man Speaking Illustrated

Please stop talking!

Whether it was a live presentation, a speech, a video clip, or even a TV show, most of us have sat through an experience where we just want the speaker to use less words or stop and pause.

What if we are that person to someone else?

How can we speak in a way that people want to listen?

How well your message is received comes down to the specific words you use, your tone of voice, and how your presentation (body language).

Tune in to your inner voice

The words that run through our mind shape our view of ourselves, others, and our environment. They not only determine our approach towards the world around us, but our outward behaviours, such as what and how we say things to others. Listen to the words that flow through your mind and consciously work on shaping them into a language you want to convey outwardly.

Set an intention for the language you want to use

Think about how you would like to deliver a message – how you will speak and the words you will use. How will your outer voice sound? What will your posture be like?

Take small steps to remove the words that don’t deserve a place in your vocabulary and consider how you can incorporate language that more closely aligns with what you want to communicate.

Commit to speaking more consciously

Commit to communicating consciously to have a greater impact. When you speak clearly, transparently, and in a way that others can understand, they will be far more open to receiving what you have to say. Inspire others by using words of possibility not difficultly, of clarity not confusion and of harmony, not conflict.

And above all, listen. Listen to the comments, feedback, or silence – and observe how your message is landing. Be prepared to change it up halfway to create the impact you require.

With awareness, intention, and action towards your everyday language, you can avoid being tuned out by your audience, and increase the impact your words have in a positive way.