A little bit more about Judy & her TOP 5 Strengths

Judy & her TOP 5 Strengths
Input – I constantly collect and hoard info! (Understanding this I now know to look for who needs it; & to put a timer on accumulating it!).

Achiever – I need to get shit done – constantly!! (Knowing this, I now know not to beat myself up when I don’t tick everything off my list).
Learner – I am always looking for new information, always updating my knowledge. (To manage this I need to prioritise what I really need to learn)
Relator – I am not good at networking (oops); I seek out conversations with people I can connect with on an authentic, genuine level.
Individualisation – I have the ability to see the unique gifts & qualities of every person & can create effective teams with minimal effort.
How do you harness the strengths of so many different personalities and create an awesome team that’s aligned and motivated to achieve your goals?
It’s what Shiift does every day!

Our workshops are designed to reignite the excitement of why your team choose to come to work every day.

Our Strengths-based Workshops create the foundation to build strong people, strong teams and strong culture. By enhancing & developing our strengths individuals and organizations can achieve significant, long-term positive results.
You will identify individual & team strengths & learn how to apply these strengths to accelerate both your team and your business to achieve greater potentials.
  • Online assessment
  • 1:1 coaching on individual’s unique strengths
  • Workshop as a team to identify collective strengths and harnessing these to accelerate the business.