Hands Up Who Hates HR??

Who the hell can afford a dedicated Human Resources person when you only have 5 staff????
HR has become a minefield of problems, extra work load, legislation, Awards, and paperwork, paperwork, paperwork . . . . And it feels like every day we hear about another person being fined for underpaying their staff. Quite often it is just too hard to navigate our way through the different Awards, clauses, and updates and it takes us so much time. There are 2 strategies which can help us lower our HR workloads – 1.) Increasing Staff Retention & 2.) Outsourcing.
Increasing Staff Retention – Creating the workplace culture which our team members thrive in, creates a place where people want to stay. Enjoying our job (workplace satisfaction), being valued by management (employee engagement) and feeling like we can make a difference in the world are important factors in increasing our workplace satisfaction. Research shows when this factor has increased, so too does staff retention. Having staff stay longer helps lessen the HR workload.
How do we increase workplace satisfaction?
  1. Provide Feedback often – without knowing how we are performing how do we get to feel a sense of achievement? Provide recognition for those who do above and beyond their role.
  2. Provide clear, consistent Communication so everyone understands what the goal is and why and how . . .
  3. Ask for Feedback – how can you be doing things better? Is there something you are currently not doing for the staff that they need?
  4. Provide Flexibility in the workplace – being flexible with work hours opens up the doors to some fantastic people who can’t fit into standard work hours due to responsibilities outside normal work hours.
  5. Ask questions – try not to spend your day telling people what to do and how to do it. Asking others what they think and how they would go about tasks creates a ‘coaching / mentoring’ relationship which creates a sense of being valued.
Outsourcing HR
There are many companies who provide a HR specialist for a small monthly fee (yes we do it too!). This is a no-brainer. It’s a professional, affordable way to ensure you have your bases covered when it comes to compliance and legislation. None of us has the time to be a HR specialist in a Small Business so outsource it to a reputable company who will help you keep dollars in your pocket – not in the Court system! Contact Shiift to discuss your HR concerns today or ask for a HR Audit on your business’s current level of compliance for as little as $395.