Everyone has a story, here’s mine . . . why Shiift?

Judy Porter

It’s hard to put yourself out in front and take responsibility for all the failures, flaws & bombs in regards to your own businesses. Constructive criticism takes on a whole new outlook when it’s solely aimed at you and no-one else. This is the path I have been tip-toeing along since I jumped off the cliff and created my own business – for the first time ‘sans business partners’.

It has taken a long time, but after being in business for over 20 years I came to the realisation that it wasn’t the businesses that I loved – it was the people in it.

I absolutely loved the people I worked with, the teams I got to be a part of, and the leadership roles I grew within. However, after growing from 50-200+ employees in our last business it was time to step out and hand the reins to our savvy business partner. I had to admit that my own business had outgrown me – I had hit my ceiling. Yow, that hurts to admit!

Over time I watched many changes occur within what originated as a ‘family-owned small business’. Growing from 50-200+ incurs changes in workplace culture, attitude, behaviours, expectations, skill-sets, and beliefs. I stood back and wondered – what creates these changes, why did things have to change, why did some teams/departments seem to kick goals effortlessly but other teams struggled with conflict, and very different outcomes. And ultimately, was it our fault?

I spent the next four years studying Behavioural Science majoring in Psychology and Organisational Behaviour with my focus on what drives behaviour, what motivates us to improve or change our behaviour, what makes us want to work really hard for a manager and also what irritates us about other managers?? Ultimately I wanted to know what is the formula for our successes so we know how to repeat it again.

What I discovered made absolute sense and can be simplified by saying “If you look after your people – they will look after your business” – it seriously is that simple!

Working out how to create this culture is a simple process but it must be realistic & sustainable, and it must be done in a way which is easy for you. There is no “one size fits all” – the process has to work for the individual. If you say you are going to create change you have to be able to deliver this promise – and more importantly – continue it! Starting and stopping guarantees negative outcomes.

Enjoying what I thought was my semi-retirement, I fell into helping a few business friends . . . . which developed into helping a few clients . . . which has now grown exponentially into a business I absolutely LOVE!

My passion  identifying what is driving the behaviour in your workplace & creating positive, long-term change.

My belief  every person deserves a workplace which motivates, appreciates, values and supports their team-members. Every employer deserves to be proud of their business & have time to ‘stop and smell the roses’ in their business.

My goal  share this formula with as many people as possible and create kick-arse workplaces where the business owner becomes the ‘employer of choice’ – only the best people apply, team-members are happy to be at work, fulfilled in their roles, and provide a customer service experience second to none.

It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s achievable and benefits you, your people, your business . . . . can I help you? Come and join me . . . .