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Fight or flight!
Do you have the skills to manage or diffuse potential conflict?

Target Audience:

New Team leaders, supervisors & managers


4 hours


$295 ex. GST

Managing Conflict

Learn how to have difficult discussions without confrontation or creating further conflict.

Realistically, the only skills we learn to manage conflict were taught in the schoolyard.

Being able to identify conflict before it is visible, step into difficult discussions and disarm potential for conflict is critical to harmonious, productive environments.

This workshop digs into the psychology of conflict – the where, why and how – and provides simple yet effective templates for the resolution process, the art of language, having 1:1 discussions and the power of body language.

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    • Difficult discussions made easy
    • Triggers, biases & perceptions
    • Psychology of conflict
    • Threats & fears
    • Change & emotions, assumptions & mindsets
    • Defence mechanisms
    • 4-step management strategy
    • Resolution Process Template
    • Moving Forward
    • Conflict in Personality Type


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