Emerging Leaders

Building tomorrow’s leaders today!

Target Audience:

Emerging leaders, loyal team-members, future team leaders
Culture crusaders, those seeking confidence & resilience


4 x 4 hour monthly sessions


$377 ex. GST
per session

Emerging Leaders

Looking for a personal development program which builds confidence, resilience, emotional intelligence, growth & self-leadership?

Our Emerging Leaders Program is the first step in building self-awareness, leadership & empowerment.

Initiate capacity to self-assess
Understand, identify & appreciate different personalities
StrengthsFinder – Know your Top 10 strengths & how to leverage them
How to thrive as an Introvert or Extrovert
Discover your Leadership Style
Body Language & Building Emotional Intelligence
How to have Difficult Discussions & Crucial Conversations
Effective Listening
Building Resilience & Mental Strength

This program is suitable for anyone wanting growth & empowerment. Four half-day modules step participants through the people skills & emotional intelligence your future leaders require.

Invest in & reward your loyal, long-termers or your new potentials today!

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Session 1

MODULE 1: The Superpowers of Introverts & Extroverts

    • Online assessment & individual 13 page Personality Type report.
    • Increase & enhance communication skills and decrease conflict & irritations.
    • Builds greater awareness & understanding of personality differences & the strengths of having a diverse team.
    • How to manage different personality types to gain more positive outcomes

MODULE 2: My Authentic Self –  Building Self-Leadership

  • Learn to self-assess with honesty
  • Build confidence
  • Identify current and desired leadership styles
  • Understand strengths
  • Create greater awareness of capabilities & untapped potentials

Session 2

MODULE 3: Body Language & Building Emotional Intelligence

    • Self-awareness & self-regulation
    • Emotional granularity – identify it to manage it
    • Impulse Control – our triggers, reactions and behaviours
    • Reality Testing
    • Emotional Contagion
    • Body Language
    • Language – reframing, rephrasing, & understanding language patterns

    MODULE 4: The Art of Listening

      • Online 5 minute Listening Quiz
      • Listening Villains Activity
      • Identify your innate listening style
      • Identify the strengths & weaknesses of your listening style
      • Create strategies to manage weaknesses and enhance your listening strengths to improve outcomes

      Session 3

      MODULE 5: Communication & Crucial Conversations

        • Why irritations and conflict occur
        • The science behind why we struggle with confrontation & conflict
        • Language – reframing, rephrasing, self-regulating
        • Body language – self-awareness of what you’re really saying (80% of communication is non-verbal)
        • Taking the fear out of feedback
        • Conflict resolution template

      MODULE 6: My Core Values

        • Understanding belief systems
        • Expectations
        • Motivations
        • Triggers
        • Priorities

      Session 4

      MODULE 7: StrengthsFinder

        • Identify & Determine individual & team strengths
        • Learn to leverage individual strengths
        • Leverage team strengths to increase personal performance
        • Accelerate team performance & outcomes quicker and easier by leveraging individual strengths
        • Discuss unproductive behaviours in a very positive, robust framework

      MODULE 8: Building Resilience & Emotional Wellbeing

        • Building resilience using the three pillars
        • Identifying and leveraging mental strength
        • Building your support network
        • Creating the environment to thrive!


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