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The Shiift Story

Judy Porter decided to "shiift her perspective" and find a solution. 

After experiencing massive growth in one of her companies and witnessing first-hand the wobbles of an underdeveloped structure and inconsistencies in team performance, Judy Porter decided to 'shift her perspective' and find a solution. 

Why were half the teams thriving whilst the other half were in conflict?  

What were they doing right; and what were they doing wrong? 

Judy spent nearly 10 years studying and absorbing what was required to create an environment where both business, and the people within it, thrived.  Judy’s passion for people – and what drives behaviour – quickly led others to seek out her skillset to help their own businesses and with this Shiift was created! 
Shiift is now a collective hub of experienced business owners and executive managers assisting and empowering others to achieve greater outcomes by sharing our knowledge, our successes, and our experiences with those seeking inspiration, innovation & sustainable continuous improvement. 

We understand the difficulty in finding time to implement change which works – we deliver and implement easy strategies, structures, training and ongoing support which is achievable, sustainable & effective.

Our Vision

To inspire and empower individuals and organisations to achieve greater potentials by 
creating environments where people and business thrive!

Our Values


Striving to be Better


The Foundation of Confidence


To Resonate, Engage & Be Heard


It Exists at a Cellular Level; We Do What We Love!


Acknowledging the Cognitive Filter we each View our World through


Connecting Individuals through a Collective Purpose & Aligned Beliefs

The Team

Our Passion; Our Purpose

Change Behaviours; Change Outcomes!

~ Judy Porter ~
Leadership & Culture Specialist

With over 20 years as a successful multi-industry business owner combined with BBeSt (Psych) degree in Psychology (Org. Behaviour), Judy brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to all her clients.

She understands the struggles, lack of sleep, steep learning curves, & workplace culture changes that kick-in from start-up to 250+ employees, as well as the difficulty in finding time to implement change which actually works.

Input | Achiever | Learner | Relator | Individualisation

Surpassing expectations!

~ Megan Pettit ~
Development & Culture Trainer

Being a leader is not about being in front, its about taking care of your team. 

Developing your team and providing them with the tools to succeed will empower your teams to perform and achieve goals.

Empathy | Achiever | Harmony | Consistency | Positive

Business Partnering!

~ Gus Walsgott~
Chief Financial Officer

Love it or lump it, for good or for bad,
for better or worse . . . numbers & strategy are part of every business - big or small.

Master your numbers and make them work for you. Do you know your next move? Strategy is the key to your next success.

Learner | Analytical | Input | Focus | Activator

~ Lee Porter ~
Strategic Planning

With a successful background in SME's, Lee holds advisory board seats on several private Australian companies providing strategic planning and 'out-of-the-box' insights.

His strength is creating unique concepts and alternate business models and lives by the mantra 
"What If. . . . ?" Lee facilitates Think Tanks Groups for Shiift.

Achiever | Focus | Activator | Ideation | Deliberative

Creating workplace performance!

~ Alita DeBrincat ~
Performance Leader

Successfully running a business requires a great deal of time, energy, money and other resources. If you want to increase your chances for success, focus on being as efficient as possible.

You can improve productivity by delegating, remaining focused, utilizing tools, automating processes and welcoming change.

Analytical | Relator | Arranger | Achiever | Responsibility

Building culture to prosper!

~ Michelle Whelan ~
Culture, Development & Leadership Specialist

Michelle majored in Conflict Resolution after recognising a strong need across many industries and workplaces for improved outcomes in the people and culture space.

She is passionate about the alignment of workplace visions and employee values, where cultures are amazing and profits are soaring.

Learner | Achiever | Arranger |Woo | Individualisation

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