Think, Explore, Become . . . 

At Shiift we believe everyone deserves the knowledge, insight, motivation, and ongoing support to Shiift from your 'present-day business model' to something which looks, feels & performs better.

Shiift targets professional development in both your Business and your People, empowering individuals and organisations to identify, develop, implement & achieve greater outcomes.

Professional & Leadership Development

We provide strategies, structures, mentoring, and ongoing support to manage organisational change, continuous improvement, and individual & team development. As your business grows, Shiift provides the tools to best manage the growth through your people, your systems, and your culture.

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Your Business

Does the framework or functions of your business need tweaking? When caught up working 'in' the business, why not seek out an experienced external perspective    to help work “on” the business.

An  "Organisational Pulse Assessment" helps determine:    

  • Gaps in your current Processes & Procedures    

  • New systems to supersede old habits & fast track your business development    

  • If your current structure supports projected growth    

  • Automated functions for outdated processes   
  • Effective succession planning and/or exit strategy  
  • The workplace culture - development & maintenance - you require to succeed

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Your People

We say it often – our people are our business – but are you providing your people with the tools they need to succeed?

Training Needs Analyses, Organisational Reviews, 1:1s, & Confidential Pulse surveys determine:

  • Which training will benefit your people & your business

  • How to empower your teams

  • Development of managers, supervisors, and key personnel  

  • Sharing & sustaining your vision & culture through inclusive change   
  • Existing ambiguity in roles, KPIs, & reporting lines  
  • Key outcomes - Are your people in their "best-fit" roles?

  • Root Cause Analysis' on workplace symptoms

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Our development programs are delivered by people who have walked a road similar to yours. We support theory with experience, adapting strategies to suit your workplace – there is no one-size fits all. Development & Action plans are all customised to suit your company, or individual, requirements. 

Behaviours and beliefs which stop growth can be explored, self-assessed, and replaced with a positive and more constructive model. 

We supply the road map - you drive the outcomes.

"You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." 

 Martin Luther King, Jr.