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Our Belief 

"At Shiift we believe everyone deserves the knowledge, ability, strategic road-map, and ongoing support 
to Shiift from your 'present-day business model' to something which looks, feels & performs better.

Shiift targets professional development 
in both your Business and your People, empowering individuals and organisations to identify, develop, implement & achieve greater outcomes.”

Change Management 

We provide strategies, structures, mentoring, and ongoing support to manage organisational change, 

continuous improvement, and individual & team development. 

As your business grows, Shiift provides the tools to best manage the growth through your people, 

your systems, and your culture.

 Leadership & Team Development

Your people represent who you are . . . what you stand for . . . what you believe in. 

They are vital to your business’s performance, productivity, revenue, and success; 

they manage and sustain your culture and ensure your customers return again due to great experiences. 

Your People are what differentiate you from your competition – nurture, skill, train, empower, and invest in them.

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​Strategies for your workplace

  • Mentoring for businesses in the growth phase
  • Knowledge, structures, mentoring to support continuous improvement

Development & Action plans

  • Customised / individualised stepped plans & ongoing support
  • Org Reviews to implement systems, strengthen comms frameworks, identify inefficiencies & gap

Behaviours &

  • We identify what drives behaviour in your workplace & coach positive, sustainable change into your business

We supply the roadmap

  • You define the outcome – we guarantee an easy-to-follow pathway

Our development programs are delivered by people who have walked a road similar to yours. 

We support theory with experience, adapting strategies to suit your workplace – there is no one-size fits all. 

Development & Action plans are all customised to suit your company, or individual, requirements. 

We supply the road map - you drive the outcomes.

"You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." 

 Martin Luther King, Jr.