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Managers manage things, leaders lead people

None of us are born great leaders. Now more than ever we need to regard our team as humans first and foremost. Leaders don’t need to ‘change the world’, just inspire those around them to be their best. Shiift creates great leaders through identifying behavioural frameworks, diverse personalities, tapping into positive change, and building new sustainable proactive habits. Managers manage things – leaders lead people! Creating people-skills, emotional intelligence and leadership in your key people – it’s our passion & our purpose.

Many are promoted into leadership roles because they were good at ‘doing’; however, being a leader requires a whole new mindset with a focus on ‘people skills’. Having the capacity to put your team’s needs first – to stop doing the ‘doing’ & manage other’s outputs & successes – is critical to effective leadership.

Great leaders communicate effectively, have purpose, create a motivating vision, delegate to empower others, and create environments of mutual accountability, achievement & growth.

At Shiift we provide the tools and techniques to inspire, lead a team, and build a kick-a!@rse culture.

Our leadership programs provide the blueprint for success; we understand what your people need to succeed in their roles & how to link it into your workplace.

About Shiift

Our Vision

To create the ultimate environment for people & business to thrive.

Shiift specialises in leadership, culture and performance. We create positive, sustainable change which is motivating & productive for your people and profitable to your business.

Our experienced team empowers others to achieve their greatest potential through changing behaviours, leveraging individual and team strengths, building leadership & the capacity for diverse personalities to collectively thrive. Shiift understands the challenges in finding time to implement effective change strategies – we’ve been there ourselves! We drive curiosity, provide knowledge & create platforms for self-development, whilst supporting the implementation process.

Those seeking inspiration, innovation and continuous improvement will be provided the tools, training and ongoing support required to create the outcomes your business needs.

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About Shiift

We love our clients!

From tradies to corporates, Husband & Wife SMEs to start-ups – our client base is a diverse group of businesses, industries, and organisations looking to change the way they do things!

If you need a new perspective and understand the dynamic continual shifts in the global workplace mean you can’t keep treading the same path – then you are our people!

The team at Shiift are long-term business owners with experience across a large range of sectors including Tourism, Hospitality, Resource, Professional & Trade services, perfectly placing us to help businesses succeed, regardless of industry and size.

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