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Are you constantly managing bickering & irritations between team-mates?

Do you have a stagnant team, unwilling to change and preferring to do things the ‘way it has always been done’?

Does your team not have a clear direction or true understanding of their capabilities?

If the answer is yes, we have the tools to help!

Developing motivated, productive, happy and profitable teams is a challenge for most businesses. Managing different personality types, cultural differences, generational differences and communication styles can be a minefield. We create increased understanding of the personality types of individuals and team members and provide strategies to better communicate which lessens potential for irritations.

Introverts and extroverts are polar opposites in terms of communication and cognitive processing. In simple terms, introverts think before they speak and extroverts speak before they think. Introverts prefer 1:1 & to reflect on ideas vs. Extroverts prefer to brainstorm in groups and bounce ideas off each other.

Through our MBTI – Effective Communication workshop, learn how to harness the ‘superpowers’ of introverts and extroverts, brush up on communication 101 techniques, and understand the nuances of different personality types. This program is one of our signature events and creates countless ‘light-bulb’ moments in a fun, interactive environment which has the potential to change your team dynamics overnight. It helps increase understanding and awareness of personality types (including your own) and provides strategies to allow effective communication, manage conflict and create motivated, productive teams.

Layer on top of personality type an understanding of the individual strengths of your team and you have the foundation to build a motivated, happy, and productive team. Imagine a workplace where everyone was valued for their individual strengths and where people were empowered to use these strengths. Would that workplace be infinitely more productive and profitable? – we know so! With the help of our Gallup Strengths Finder programs we provide you and your team the tools to understand and leverage individual and team strengths to achieve incredible outcomes.

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Strengths Finder

$54.00 – $109.00

Based upon positive psychology this assessment measures individual strengths rather than gaps or weaknesses. Individuals have confirmed what they are good at so they can leverage these strengths & create better outcomes with minimal effort.

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From $49

To improve performance we’ve got to know who we are and understand why we act the way we do. The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator is a self-report inventory designed to identify a person’s personality type, strengths, and preferences.

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Values Cards

From $35

Conflicting values can be a major source of irritation in the workplace and at home. Identifying your Top 5 values defines the ‘lens we view the world through’. What we value becomes what we see. Our values cards are an easy 3 minute activity everyone can do. 

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Upcoming Events



Understanding Personality Type - THRIVE Mackay

Thu 19 May 2022


11:00 AM - 01:00 PM (2 hours)



Fearless Feedback - Thrive Mackay

Wed 15 Jun 2022


11:00 AM - 01:00 PM (2 hours)

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