Work-life balance… is there such a thing?

Work Life Balance

Creating the workspace where we all want to be . . .

We spend all week with the same group of people, fulfilling the same set of duties, something’s bound to start getting on your nerves.

Why do co-worker’s tick us off, why do some people’s communication drive us crazy?

Learning how to handle different personalities is the first step to creating the workplace where we all want to be. Invest in 3 hours a month to step out of work and start working on how to do things better. You will quickly create & enjoy:

  • Staff who are more motivated – which means they’re more likely to go above and beyond for your business
  • Increased productivity & efficiency. A trained team wastes fewer resources, money & time, and they’ll produce a higher quality of work
  • A trained workplace is a safe one. If you’ve trained your staff, you’ll reduce the number of accidents and incidents, which can be insanely costly
  • A consistently awesome customer experience – increased loyalty & great reviews!

At Shiift we do people well!! Just try one of our workshops and see how we can create positive, sustainable change with minimal effort. It’s easier than you think!