Why We Need Best Friends At Work

Best Friends At Work

Do you have a best friend at work? Did you know that those with a ‘best friend’ at work are 7 x more likely to be engaged in their jobs!

It might all sound like school-yard semantics but research shows having a good friend in the workplace boosts employee retention, safety stats, work quality, as well as customer experience & engagement.

We spend more of our waking hours at work than at home, and it’s only natural that we want to build connections with our team members.

Many of us want work to feel worthwhile and having trusted confidants and supporters helps foster that feeling. We go to our work friends when we need to celebrate and commiserate about our personal and professional lives.

Without that outlet, work can seem lonely and isolating. It lacks attachment. While we may like what we do and we may get to use our talents and strengths every day, we’re probably not feeling fully energized or motivated to put our whole selves into our roles.

And great team culture begins with our leaders. They set the tone & are the example for employees through their own actions. It is our leaders that make it acceptable (or unacceptable) for employees to become mates. Many businesses offer social activities for their teams, whether it is the annual Christmas party or a team dinner, leaders need to actively champion these events and make it a priority to promote and attend so employees come to see socialisation as the norm.

Beyond the larger celebrations, we encourage leaders to let employees see them taking lunch breaks together or visiting with managers and other employees.

Small acts can make big impressions.

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