Why Shiift?

Judy Porter, Founding Director

Why Shiift?

Judy combines over 15 years as a successful business owner with a degree in Psychology (Org. Behaviour) and understands the struggles, lack of sleep, steep learning curves, & workplace culture changes that kick-in from start-up to 250+ employees. 

Judy brings a broad range of business knowledge to her clients – including failings, successes, learnings, & strategies and has experience across many sectors including Media, Tourism, Mining, Recruitment, Training, WH&S, & Construction. 
Her passion is people. 

Her strength lies in identifying & understanding the cause of business irritations and providing simple stepped solutions - making her an effective consultant to any industry. 

Her belief in empowering people to reach greater potentials through an innate understanding of 'what drives behaviour in the workplace' creates consistent, positive, sustainable change in all workplaces. She has held many Leadership positions past and present, and currently sits as Board Director, Tourism Whitsundays., and Secretary, Whitsunday Coast Chamber of Commerce. 

About Us 
Shiift is a collective hub of experienced business owners and executive managers assisting and empowering others to achieve greater outcomes by sharing our knowledge, our successes, and our experiences with those seeking inspiration, innovation & sustainable continuous improvement.  

Our combined experiences include: Mining - Metal / Coal, Engineering, Training, Plastics, Tourism, Hospitality, Psychology, Human Resources, Agriculture and more.
Based in the Whitsundays, our clients extend from Brisbane - Townsville - Emerald.  Our collective strengths are:

  • HR Planning & Strategy
  • Cultural transformation
  • Motivational Strategies
  • Performance Management Processes 
  • Change Management processes & implementations 
  • Managerial tool kits & Leadership Development
  • Succession identification and exit planning 
  • Personality profiling 
  • Strength based coaching
Our Mission
"Inspiring and empowering individuals and organisations to 
achieve greater potentials”

To Create a Catalyst for Change

striving to be better
the foundation of confidence
continually improving
a business relationship which aligns with your needs
 acknowledging the cognitive filter we each view the world through
connecting through a collective purpose, vision & goals
driving what we do, and why we do it
“Real people, Real Experience, partnering to create your Shiift”.