What We Can Learn From Trump


We have all watched with great interest, the political argy-bargy currently being played out in the US. To break it down from a leadership perspective, Trump’s leadership style is typically aggressive.

Aggressive Leadership is a leadership style which purposely seeks a win-lose outcome. This leader style seeks to win at all costs which is particularly effective when negotiating great business deals for the leader which will result in a great ROI. This aggressive style sets the tone for communication, leading the debate in their language and on their terms, and shutting down any ongoing peripheral conversations.

However, this leadership style results in the aggressive leader needing to move on to new industries, new locations, and creating new teams. Why? – there’s no-one left wanting to work alongside this leader, or do business with this person, as they know it comes at the cost of continually losing. Losing can be a debilitating and demotivating emotion; one which many will try to remove themselves from – or distance themselves from.

Effective Leadership is impartial, motivating, supportive, & empowering. The effective leader seeks a win-win outcome, where everyone feels they leave the negotiating table with a benefit – a ‘win’. This style of leadership results in a strong business community, sustainable continuous financial benefits, and strong, motivated teams. This style of leadership recognises the strength in building sustainable relationships within their industries, key stakeholders and their teams, eventually empowering those around them to achieve success in their own right.

Has Trump burned the key relationships other leaders would have nurtured by implementing the Win-Lose model of aggressive leadership?

Do you know someone with an aggressive leadership style?

We would be interested in your thoughts. #leadership #leadershipdevelopment