Virtual Workshops

Time For Change

You may not be able to innovate your product but you can certainly innovate the processes around it. 

This session drills down into your processes and procedures and what you could do differently. 

With input from your team, discover 5 minute quick fixes, options to automate and integrate systems, update processes and generally think outside the box with plenty of time to implement. (Content forwarded prior to your session)

Team Cohesion

How do we recreate our culture - or create the culture we've always wanted?

Your team will collaborate & create an agreed upon list of improved habits and behaviours - observable actions which will set the parameters for "the way we do things here" and create your new kick-arse team. 

Motivate Me!

A fun, interactive, belly-laugh for all. 

We will post 5 different scenarios for your team, prior to your session. Enjoy this popular team-building experience as they present their hilarious answers with the goal to creating a suite of new ideas & opportunities for the business.

This workshop is adaptable to suit industry & outcomes.

Survive & Thrive

Are you currently struggling to think outside the box? 
Let us do it for you. Your strategy session options include:

1) 1-hr strategy session with our Specialist Advisory Body (SAB) comprising of: Financial & Business Analyst, HR Performance, Strategic Advisor, Leadership & Culture Specialist.
2) 1-hr strategy session with your nominated Shiift specialist

Team Pulse Check

We may be all in the same storm but we are not all in the same boat.

This session brings 'humancy' into your team, your workplace and your workplace culture. 

During the fall-out of CoVid-19 all levels of business have been affected by either loss of job, lost of team-mates, loss of income, survivor guilt, or responsibility stress. 

Allow your team a platform to be heard, to validate, and to move on as a functioning, cohesive team. This session helps kick-start the much-needed environment to become productive & efficient once again. 

virtual workshops
1 Virtual Workshop

$ 399 

team of 4 to 10 people

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3 Virtual Workshops

$ 995 

team of 4 to 10 people

Choose 3 Workshops

5 Virtual Workshops

$ 1595 

team of 4 to 10 people

All 5 Workshops

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