In this highly competitive marketplace, a strong company structure & workplace culture are key to high employee engagement, increased productivity, consistent customer satisfaction – and, ultimately, increases your business’s financial health.
Shiift provides mentoring for businesses in the growth phase to better manage their future by implementing systems, up-skilling staff, and empowering managers to best manage the organisational change.
Shiift’s programs are engaging, interactive, & practical. Our clients range from small family businesses, SME’s (small to medium enterprise), to large corporate entities, creating positive, sustainable change to support future growth.
Specialists in productivity & performance in your business, and your people. Shiift provides a source of additional expertise, support, and advice – a robust, specialised addition to your team.
Shiift delivers one-off services, customised programs, & periodical contracts with measurable outcomes.
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Who are we

Shiift is a collective hub of experienced business owners and executive managers assisting and empowering others to achieve greater outcomes by sharing our knowledge, our successes, and our experiences with those seeking inspiration, innovation & sustainable improvement.
Industry Experience includes:
  • Mining
  • Engineering
  • Training
  • Plastics
  • Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Psychology
  • Human Resources
  • Agriculture, and more.

Our background

Over 20 years in SMEs, from start-ups to over 250 employees – we have the multi-industry business-experience, strategies, and know-how to ensure positive, measurable, sustainable change in your workplace, with your people, and your business.
Our Services:
  • Leadership Development | Leadership Programs
  • Efficiencies & Productivity Workshops & Coaching
  • Conflict Management & Mediation
  • HR Performance Management & Advisory Hub
  • Change Management
  • Workplace Culture Analysis & Sustainability
  • Training Skills Gap Analysis
  • Organisational Gap Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Industrial & Work Relations Issues & Investigations
  • Company EBA’s & Negotiations
  • Policies & Procedures Development
  • Advisory Board Services
  • Think Tanks
  • Business Governance and Process Review