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It is incredible the number of adults we work with who say ”I can’t believe it has taken me until now to understand my own personality type” or ”If only someone had explained to me the differences between introverts and extroverts years ago, life would have made more sense!”

Imagine discovering your individual strengths at 16 instead of 36… Consider the difference it would have made to your education, ability to communication with people or even the job you choose – potentially a massive difference.

Our school-based Shiift-Ed programs are designed to give young people the tools to cope with the challenges life presents, understand that our differences are our strengths, and to learn to effectively communicate with different people from all walks of life. Our programs promote resilience, emotional well-being and quiet confidence. We also offer programs targeted at school leavers, preparing them for life after school.

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Growing Grit

Suitable for all ages – this program helps students develop resilience, understand a growth mindset, cope with stress and highlights emotional well being.


This program gives students the framework to understand their individual strengths and personality types and empowers them to create an environment in which they can thrive!

Turbo Your Time

This program focuses on understanding and harnessing time management as a super skill, which can set them up for life. Practical strategies are provided for students to easy implement in their everyday lives.


Imagine understanding your unique strengths from a young age and leveraging these for years to come! Understanding individual strengths and building an sense of self efficacy creates an understanding for students that it is OK to be different.

What’s Next?

This session prepares the students in the final years of high school for life after school. Changing mindsets and exploring support systems, as well as focus on social and teamwork skills provides a solid foundation for the next step for school-leavers.


Our JobReady sessions touch on basic goal-setting, resume building, interview techniques. Students gain an understanding of what employers are looking for and how best to present themselves in the workforce.

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