Strengths – know them, use them, share them!


Imagine if you could create the exact change you need in your work & your personal life, with the least amount of effort!

Knowing and understanding our unique potential strengths gives us unlimited fuel for this fire.

A strengths-based approach is about capitalising on the things we are already good at. We all want to be in that state of ‘flow’ where everything seems effortless and energising. It’s easy with a strengths-based approach, you just need to know your own talents / strengths which put you in that happy place.

I SO wish I had the benefit of knowing my talents and strengths when I was in my 20s. The result would’ve been a much clearer path of direction for me – and maybe I could’ve silenced the ‘inner critic’ with cold hard facts that would’ve been believable to myself.

The old strategy of developing our ‘weaknesses & gaps’ in the hope we might achieve some mediocre improvement required a truckload of energy and effort, and never guaranteed success. However, just by putting ‘intent‘ into our identified strengths, we can create positive change quickly and easily – with far less effort.

Identifying and harnessing what we are innately good at means we only have to tweak things a little for much greater results.

We all have different strengths and the power from having them identified and verified by leading global analytics organisation, Gallup, means that we can then leverage the crap out of them!!

Using the StrengthsFinder Assessment makes the route to positive, easy, quick, change, honestly an easy one . . . . and it just makes sense.

People working in the strength zone:

  • Look forward to going to work
  • Have more positive than negative interactions with co-workers
  • Treat customers better
  • Tell their friends they work for a great company
  • Achieve more on a daily basis and have more positive, creative and innovative moments

Shiift offers an ongoing motivational tool for you and your team. Once you have taken the online assessment, you now have a measurement of the things you’re naturally good at doing – now let’s create an awareness & use them with intent.

By sharing your strengths with colleagues and team members, you can begin to identify exactly how you can enjoy your work more AND benefit the business.

Managers and teams thrive in an identified strength zone, and with additional support via StrengthsFinder Workshops and 1:1 coaching, positive change can be easily measured.

So who can use it?

Anyone! From individuals to teams of 4 – 25 people.

Let us help you:

  • Name it – identify your talents & strengths
  • Claim It – Appreciate the power and opportunities in these strengths
  • Aim It – Use with intent for better outcomes

Contact us to see how we can help you, your team, & your business.