Reduce Email STRESS!!

Reduce Email Stress

Communication is not simple, and communication, when we are not face to face with our audience, it’s fraught with danger through ambiguous messages and meanings.

Enjoy our tips for reducing email stress:
  1. Send fewer emails – the more you send the more you receive, and that’s stressful – for you and everyone else.
  2. Respond quickly – try to respond within 48 hours so people aren’t left ‘hanging’.
  3. Be clear, concise & correct – change the subject line to suit content; edit before you send – most of us are irritated by errors.
  4. Take care with chains & copying – think who should be in the ‘to’ line and in the ’cc’ line. Avoid making people search through long chains and avoid copying in the world to show you are working hard . . .
  5. Stick to the working day – avoid sending work-related emails outside business hours; it creates an ‘always on’ culture which increases burn-out; let your team have time-out.
  6. Be polite – your recipients will feel most positively about you and see you as more competent; sarcasm doesn’t work in emails – it’s just rude.
  7. Think about your audience – you probably have a particular style of communication. Vary your approach to match the needs of your audience.
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