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Do you have managers or leaders? This Leadership Program is the 'How To' of creating a self-managed, motivated workplace. Learn how to really create sustainable change - not just a quick fix. Our stepped monthly modules include follow-up of implementation into your workplace - we make your team-members accountable! Modules cover understanding of personalities; communication styles, what your body language is really saying, the art of effective & engaging feedback, creating desired workplace culture, & how to ultimately create a self-motivated environment by aligning values, priorities & expectations. Let us teach you to create the environment which increases productivity, accountability, profitability & repeat customer happiness!

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Conflicting values can be a major source of irritation in the workplace and at home. Identifying your Top 5 values defines the 'lens we view the world through'. What we value becomes what we see. The discussion of how these drive your beliefs, priorities and perspectives is invaluable for your leadership team, or your family, to create a better understanding of each other.

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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) instrument indicates preferences on four pairs of opposites, called dichotomies. Extraversion or Introversion, Sensing or Intuition, Think or Feeling and Judging or Perceiving. When people are self-aware, they can realise more of their potential. The instrument identifies natural preferences, not skills, abilities or competencies. The MBTI® assessment provides an easy-to-understand framework for improving self-awareness.

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From the development of strategy and providing forums for innovative thinking to assisting business owners and leaders with navigating periods of organisational change, our tailored approach to business coaching is developed after an in-depth consultation process. One shoe definitely does not fit all and our experienced team are primed to help you pivot. Price is per hour.

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Emotions drive behaviour. By learning to identify and name the emotions we experience, we can understand our physical reactions, as well as our behaviours.  Emotional granularity is the ability to put feelings into words with precision, to discriminate between very similar emotions, and in doing so, to become more resilient. People’s perceptions of emotions differ greatly. What drives one person may not be a driver for another. What blocks one person, may create momentum in another.  Enjoy this activity with friends, family or colleagues to open up an increased understanding and awareness of each other and what drives the behaviours you all see.

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StrengthsFinder Assessment The StrengthsFinder Assessment - framed within positive pyschology - creates a very robust, simplistic, yet individualistic framework for your team members to understand the different nuances and strengths of each other. It also creates a very insightful foundation to understand the best way to coach your teams. This tool will assist you to construct very simple motivational levers for each of your team members. Insightful for your business, for your teams, and for their managers as well. All prices are inclusive of GST.