Support Membership 

Shiift’s monthly support scheme assists organisations with continued access to our consultants, advisors and coaches, upon completion of a project.            

Our aim is to offer ongoing remote support to our clients via email, phone, or text, within standard business hours to ensure you have continued access to any further assistance or information required.

This scheme offers a stepped method of ensuring Action Plans, Development Plans and general Consultation Processes are implemented successfully over the planned projected timelines. It also ensures support in additional queries which may arise in areas other than those contained within the project - including HR, business development, implementation effectiveness, and general advisory / coaching requirements.  

  Descriptor  Cost

  Silver Support
  Up to 1 hour / month $74.50 / month

  Gold Support
   3 hours  / month  $199.50 / month

  Platinum Support
  5 hours / month;    
   access to 100+ document templates
 $379.50 / month;  
(min 6 mth subscription)

Note: Time allotments may consist of several points of contact collectively totalling the specified time