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Stepping up from ‘team-mate’ to managing your team-mates?

Target Audience:

New Team leaders, supervisors & managers


4 hours


$295 ex. GST


Stepping up from ‘team-mate’ to managing your team-mates is one of the most difficult transitions in the workplace. It requires redefining workplace relationships, creating a new mindset of ‘managing’ vs ‘doing’, learning to self-assess and putting your team first.

Understanding the strengths you bring to your role and how you can positively impact those around you is critical to successful self-leadership. We identify and develop your leadership style to learn the art of effective communication, managing diverse personalities, and how to manage workplace irritations & potential conflict.

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    • 9 strengths of great leadership
    • Desired leadership traits – a self-assessment
    • Accountability vs Responsibility
    • Delegating to motivate, upskill & engage
    • Increasing team engagement
    • Introversion & Extroversion – managing diverse personalities

The Transition

    • Stepping up from team-mate to managing your team-mates
    • Doing vs Managing – Your new mindset
    • Your new role – external perceptions & self-awareness
    • Planning a successful transition – 4 step strategy
    • Dangers & Changes


    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Body language
    • How to have effective, motivating 1:1s
    • Effective Feedback – the foolproof template


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