Manager 2 Leader

Professional Development for managers, supervisors,
team leaders.

Target Audience:

Newly-appointed managers, team leaders, supervisors, staff with potential
Managers/supervisors with limited, or no previous leadership training


4 x 4hr Sessions – monthly


$1360 ex. GST


Do you have managers or leaders? This Leadership Program is the ‘How To’ of creating a self-managed, motivated workplace. Learn how to really create sustainable change – not just a quick fix. Our stepped monthly modules include follow-up of implementation into your workplace – we make your team-members accountable!

Modules cover understanding of personalities; communication styles, what your body language is really saying, the art of effective & engaging feedback, creating desired workplace culture, & how to ultimately create a self-motivated environment by aligning values, priorities & expectations.

Let us teach you to create the environment which increases productivity, accountability, profitability & repeat customer happiness!

Without leadership your workplace can suffer high staff turnover, a negative culture, lack of care or motivation, & average profitability.

This program steps up everyday ‘managers’ into leaders people trust, respect, listen to & follow.

Our point of difference is stepping our leadership modules out over 4 months & tracking implementation into your workplace. Your participant will be coached in affecting positive change directly into the workplace.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Create trust, respect & accountability
  • Identify irritations & manage potential conflict
  • Motivate & engage their team-members
  • Focus on team vs self
  • Deliver feedback which is accepted & acted upon
  • Delegate & problem-solve effectively
  • Build the workplace & people culture your business needs

Modules are delivered monthly to allow participants time to implement & achieve sustainable change.

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Session 1

MODULE 1: MBTI – Understanding Diverse Personalities

    • Online assessment & individual 13 page Personality Type report.
    • Understanding personality types
    • How to adapt communication style to suit personality type
    • Increase & enhance communication skills and decrease conflict & irritations.
    • Builds greater awareness & understanding of personality differences & the strengths of having a diverse team.
    • How to manage different personality types to gain more positive outcomes
    • Increased capacity to coach / communicate effectively

MODULE 2: iLead

    • Self-leadership
    • Self-awareness & Self-assessment
    • Identifying, self-assessing & building self-leadership
    • Traits & characteristics
    • Building confidence in your new capacity (role)
    • My Worldview – My Values, beliefs, perspectives, biases & priorities (understanding perspectives)

Session 2

MODULE 3: Communication 101’s

    • Adapting communication styles & approaches – what’s in it for you
    • First impressions, building rapport
    • Effective communication techniques
    • Verbal & non-verbal communication
    • Preferred formats – being audience-centric
    • Structures & Platforms
    • Communication Styles
    • The Art of Listening
    • Effective Listening Frameworks
    • What is EQ
    • Sarcasm vs humour

MODULE 4: Building Your Team; Building Your Culture

    • How to build engagement
    • Building loyalty, trust & accountability
    • Problem-solving as a team-builder
    • Strength of diverse teams
    • Team Identity – making it work for you
    • What is your culture?
    • Creating kick-ar$e inductions which work!

MODULE 5: Effective Delegation

    • Reasons to delegate – the motivators
    • Ineffective delegation
    • Deciding factors
    • Framework of successful delegation
    • Delegation avoidance cycle – a self-assessment
    • Delegation Process – the template
    • When delegation doesn’t work . . .
    • Reactive vs Proactive delegation

MODULE 6: Motivating Your Team 

    • Leading with ‘Why’
    • Intrinsic vs Extrinsic motivation
    • Constructive & positive feedback
    • Difficult feedback made easy
    • Receiving negative feedback
    • Motivating through recognition
    • Recognition Script – template for success

MODULE 7: Accountability

    • Responsibility vs Accountability
    • Creating a culture of mutual accountability
    • Accountability Template
    • Clarity of Expectations
    • Team accountability

MODULE 8: Time Management 

    • Factors & behaviours causing dysfunction
    • Prioritising tasks & factoring interruptions
    • Multi-tasking – a self-assessment
    • Batching & Chunking
    • Harnessing energy cycles
    • Time Management Tips & Hacks
    • Identifying & managing procrastination
    • Managing distractions


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