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Manager-2-Leader Program

The 'How To' of creating a self-managed workplace. Learn to successfully lead diverse personalities; creating a motivating environment which increases productivity, accountability, self-management & customer happiness!

Manager-2-Leader Program

This program enables those in key supervisory roles to learn how to become the manager your business needs! You will learn how to manage people, personalities & priorities to create productive, happy teams and become an effective leader.

Participants will learn how to:

Create trust, respect & accountability

Manage potential conflict

Motivate & engage their team-members

Focus on team vs self

Delegate & problem-solve effectively 

Build the culture your business needs 

Modules are delivered monthly to allow participants time to implement & achieve sustainable change.

The program is for:

  • Internally newly-appointed managers 

  • Managers who have limited, or no, previous leadership training

Monthly Modules

iLead* - The  foundation to all sessions by forcing participants to self-assess with honesty, build confidence, understand strengths, create greater awareness of capabilities & untapped potentials.

Mate-2-Manager* -  Teaching new leaders to step up from 'team-mate' to managing their team-mates; redefining workplace relationships, how to have 1:1 discussions, building confidence, developing their leadership style.

Conflict Management* - Learn how to have difficult discussions without confrontation or creating further conflict. From prevention through to resolution.

Effective Communication - 

Building Your Team, Building Your Culture

Effective Delegation

Motivation Through Recognition & Feedback


Time Management

Contact Us

Speak with us: 1300 081 975

Email Us:  thedetails@shiift.com.au


Limited to 15 participants per group. 

Where:  The Lookout, Coral Sea Marina Resort, Shingley Drive, Airlie Beach, QLD 4802

When: Monthly from March to November

Time: 9am to 11:30am or *8:30am to 12:30am 

Cost: $