Leadership Development

Your team is vital to your business’s productivity & performance; they manage & sustain your culture... nurture, skill, empower, and invest in them.

Leadership Programs


Leadership Development 

From ‘team-mate’ to managing your 'team-mates'

The transition from 'doing' to 'managing' requires a whole new mind-set!  We empower your new manager to reframe relationships, define expectations & set clear goals.

Participants are lead through a stepped process on self-leadership and how to achieve a successful transition; creating an individualised, stepped, ‘Development Plan’ specific to your workplace, your situation, and your business.
The program is for:
  • New internally promoted mangers & supervisors, 
  • Identified future managers, 
  • Informal leaders, and
  • Those in positions of high persuasion


 Leadership Development

For supervisors, managers & team leaders

This program enables those in key supervisory roles to manage diverse personalities and lead their team to become productive, cohesive, motivated and self-managed. 

Re-motivate your key leaders, boost morale, increase staff retention, strengthen existing teams, increase productivity & create respected leaders. Monthly modules allows time to implement & achieve sustainable change. 

The program is for:
  • Internally newly-appointed managers 
  • Managers who have limited, or no, previous leadership training;   
  • Identified future managers; and       
  • Those requiring structure to achieve permanent, positive change.

“Big Leadership 4 Small Business”

Leadership for Family Businesses & Business Owners, 

This program is the ‘how to’ of creating a motivated, cohesive workplace with increased staff productivity, workplace satisfaction, a culture of accountability & self-management. You will empower your team to step up so you can step back!

Suitable for:
  •  Business Owners, Employers, & GMs


Self-Leadership Development

Learn to lead with confidence; with the knowledge of who you are, what you do, & how you provide purpose to those around you. A Strengths-based workshop to Identify, Discover & Extract the Leader within. 

Suitable for:
  • Everyone 
working with your teams

Your people are what differentiate you - nurture, train, empower & invest in them.


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