Hats off to the Tradies!

Hats Off To The Tradies

Tradies – I love them!

Honest, hard-working guys and girls who are head-down, bum-up knee-deep in physical work every day.

Being so hands-on busy means little time for personal development and little, if any, exposure to personality types and the MBTI. Every personality workshop with trades-persons is a fantastic experience – for us and for them.

Cracking the code on introversion and the absolute strengths of this trait provides many introverts with the chance to fist-pump the air and understand why they need to disconnect from people, how they can do it effectively to keep everyone happy, how to recharge their energy levels and how to create an environment for maximum brain function – thinking, reflecting, strategizing and creating.

If extroverts thrive in the opposite environment to introverts how do we keep everyone happy?

There are some really simple set-ups and strategies for this, and the MBTI workshop provides easy to implement solutions for all. The upside is, everyone gets to be happy – and at their most productive as well!

Discovering our learning style, our decision-making style, and the degrees of structures and boundaries we thrive in gives us all some clarity on why some things just really irritate us.

Once we have that understanding we can actually step back and have a laugh at things which previously really probably did our heads in!

So, tradies (and everyone), register for our Personality Workshops, the learnings and insights create amazing positive changes in both the workplace and at home.

As said by one of our previous participants; “Can I get my girlfriend to do this?? I think I just discovered why I piss her off . . .

“Yes she can . . . you’re Welcome!”