Engagement… what is this buzzword?

Engagement... What Is This Buzzword

Engagement’ – the behaviours by which people bring in or leave out their personal selves during work performance’.

Engagement has been a buzzword for quite a while but engagement is more important than ever. A recent survey of 25,000 leaders showed a direct link between engagement and bottom-line results – profits!

Engagement – going to the heart of the workplace relationship between employee and employer – can be the key to unlocking productivity.

When employees are engaged at work, they are likely to have higher levels of job satisfaction and motivation, and lower levels of absenteeism and presenteeism (present cognitively as well as physically).

They are also less likely to quit, are more innovate and productive and their businesses are likely to be more attractive to both customers and potential new employees.

Increasing engagement:

  • Increasing staff motivation – increase intrinsic motivation where the job itself is interesting and rewarding to the person doing it. Provide feedback, give verbal recognition, discuss the ‘why’ of the business and how everyone makes a difference every day to the business achieving its purpose
  • Cultural fit – it’s extremely important that the business’s values are aligned with the individuals. When our values aren’t aligned (when we don’t believe in what we are doing and how and why we are doing it) we move on. Incongruent values are one of the main reasons people quit.
  • A friend at work – having good interpersonal relationships increases staff retention and workplace happiness. Research supports there is a direct correlation.
  • Fulfilling the contract – ensuring the unwritten expectations between team-members and the business. We all have expectations when we start a new position – ensure you help your team achieve these by providing the environment you described in the onboarding process.

Many, many studies show a clear correlation between engagement and performance, and more importantly – between improving engagement and improved performance.

Self-assess and see how you can improve your employee engagement; or call Shiift to access some easy to implement tips and strategies.