Working from home - Extraversion and Introversion

How does a preference for Extraversion or Introversion affect what we need when working from home?

Extraverts at Home

Extravert Tips
  • Make use of technology to connect with people regularly and keep your energy topped up e. g. group calls and messenger
  • Connect with people socially, as well as for meetings and work e.g. call people just to say “hi”
  • Get used to using video when calling others – seeing people’s faces is likely to make the interaction more interesting and allow you to connect better
  • Think about ways you could make your home environment more stimulating e.g. put the radio on
  • See this as an opportunity to get in touch with your more reflective or creative side – you might find you have the space to be more innovative or to concentrate better.
  • Make sure you include and connect with your introverted colleagues too – don’t assume they don’t want to hear from you!

Introverts at Home

Introvert Tips

  • Carve out a workspace for yourself at home that fulfils your needs and allows you to concentrate without too many distractions.
  • If you are sharing your home with family members, children or pets, make time for them too – you might want to agree times to interact and times you want to focus.
  • Make the effort to regularly check-in with colleagues, your manager and direct reports to stay connected - it’s a myth that introverts don’t need people!
  • You may find yourself getting absorbed in your work – remember to move around, take breaks
    and eat lunch!
  • Although you may not feel naturally inclined, make the effort to initiate contact with others or ask for clarity – you may need to reach out more to communicate your needs.
  • Make sure you connect with your extraverted colleagues – they are likely to appreciate the interaction and contact.

Overall, remember that the best way to find out what your colleagues need and want from you is to ask them!
Use these ideas to strike up a conversation with your co-workers so you can work more effectively together at home.
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