Wobbles are OK!

React, Regress, Recover

It’s now June, 3 months since CoVid-19 hit us hard, and most of you have met the challenge with crisis management #101 – it’s what we all do well. However, if we look to the coming months, the following is the path we’ve taken and that which we should expect:
React, Regress, Recover
As is problematic with highly driven, hard-working ‘achiever’ type personalities, you will need to take the time to acknowledge these stages and take a breath.
We have all navigated through the ‘react’ phase but what occurs in the ‘regress’ phase?? This is when the swirl of chaos slows and we lose direction. Are our future goals, purpose, vision, and outcomes the same as the previous ones??? Many people tend to ‘wobble’ in this phase and it’s definitely ok to do so.
Let’s be real, JobKeeper has created so many internal problems for businesses:

  • why was person 1 chosen to stay on in the business, and
  • why was person 2 stood down,
  • ”why do I have to go to work for Jobkeeper payments when my friends don’t”,
  • “why do I have to do a completely different job now”,
  • “why do I have to come into work, why can’t I work from home forever” etc. etc. etc.

Once you have reset your own expectations, it's important to take this journey with your team as a way to acknowledge the challenges since March and build unity once again. Use our template to lead them through the dips and peaks – they too will react, regress, and move forward to the 'recover' phase.
To realign yourself and your team, consider the following in a team session designed to reset and realign a realistically fractured team. We need to acknowledge the journey just gone – don’t pretend it didn’t happen. But we also don’t have to pretend as business owners that we understood the challenges a global pandemic brings. There was no roadmap for this crisis. So, what are the outcomes, the parameters, and what does the future look like for your team?
Try our ‘Reset Your Team’ Session
  • What has been your biggest struggle/challenge in the past 6 weeks? (work or personal) This acknowledges the journey so far.
  • What are you grateful for? (work or personal) this takes a negative and helps move people into the positive.
  • What are you proud of? (work) this starts to move individuals into an aligned state by collectively hearing positive feedback.
  • What do you believe the biggest challenge for you will be in the next three months? (work) moves individuals forward from ‘regress’ to ‘recover’.
  • What strengths do you bring to this team to help meet this challenge? Realigns the team into thinking as a team. At this stage everyone has been heard, challenges acknowledged and they are ready to move forward.

Take care on the 'recovery' stage. There's no direct path and there's bound to be deviations along the way. Stay connected with peers to support your journey.

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