Why Walking Meetings
The world has changed and now is the time to make changes which suit you.

Why Walking Meetings

The world has changed and now is the time to make changes which suit you. 

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that exercise creates energy, makes us more motivated, reduces stress, and helps the grey matter tick over more effectively… so why do we sit all day? 
It’s time to create your new norm – what happened yesterday doesn’t have to happen today.  
There has never been a more important time to reengage your team and ‘tilt your norm’. Walking meetings are a simple way to change it up, motivate your team and add a great new addition to your teams regular schedule. Many introverts prefer walking meetings as they don’t require direct eye contact, immediate responses to questions or face to face body language, – all of which can create a confronting, uncomfortable environment.
Start with one-on-one meetings by hitting the footpath and taking time out to talk to your team outside of the office walls. You’ll benefit from the neutral environment, informal setting and you may be surprised the level of honest sharing which can be achieved in such an environment. 

Close the door on office distractions and step outside with your team, the benefits are endless:

  • You’re valued - Increase employee engagement, by changing the environment... we open up the possibilities of more honest exchanges strengthening our workplace relationships.
  • No technology - set some rules, no phones on your walk. Show your team members you value their time and actively listen while walking. 
  • Endless Energy - Boost your teams energy & benefit from increased productivity.
  • One for the introverts - Provide an alternative meeting environment for introverts who will benefit from having time to reflect on their answers whilst walking.
  • Privacy - Create a confidential environment by going off-site.
  • We’re Different here - Just doing things differently is enough to inspire innovation & think-outside-the-box problem-solving
Shiift’s walking meetings have provided us with so much inspiration we can’t wait for our weekly off-site gallops. We hope to see you out there soon too.

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