Dear CoVid-19

Dear CoVid-19,

You’ve made us stressed 😣

People are worried about their health, jobs, families and futures. You’re not welcome here anymore! 

Yours Sincerely, Shiift...

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More & more resilient, hard-working, high-achieving people are showing obvious signs of fatigue and stress. 

It’s just not sustainable – especially with the absence of a timeline with CoVid. Changing our mindset can change stress’ impact upon us, turning a negative into a positive.

Research by Stanford Mind & Body Lab suggests it’s not the type or amount of stress that determines its impact; impact is affected by our mindset about stress.

Recent research tested the impact of stress mind-sets on financial sector employees during the US 2008 financial crisis. They were given a 3-step plan to adopting a “stress-is-enhancing” mind-set. A month after applying this strategy, employees showed decreased negative health symptoms and increased work performance, without changing any of the levels of stress they experienced. Just to be clear - they weren’t any less stressed, but they experienced their stress in a very different way, resulting in healthier people who performed better.

Changing our stress mindsets probably won’t happen overnight, but we can manage our reaction to stress.


1. Acknowledge Your Stress:
It’s pretty simple but most of us avoid this step -  see it for what it is and acknowledge it. Too often we work with clients who refuse to admit they are stressed. When we are honest and acknowledge our stress, it shifts us from being fearful, and reactive experiencing impaired problem-solving & decision-making skills to a state where we can bethink and act with clarity. Acknowledging your stress also provides the opportunity to identify what’s at the core of your stress. Is it fear of job loss, illness, finances, loved ones, the unknown? And how does your body react  – tight shoulders, stomach-ache, headache?

2: Own Your Stress:
Why? Because we only stress about things that we value or care about. It’s important to understand the positives behind your stress – what do you value or care about which has caused this reaction. Is it coming from a good place?

3: Use Your Stress:
Leverage your stress to connect with what matters most to you and achieve your goals. In reality, being stressed has come from a place of care and connection.

Reassess how you can change your reactions & behaviours to stress to gain better outcomes.

So many variables are out of our control; what we can control is how we react. 

History demonstrates that great change can occur during stress or crisis. How we change is up to us.

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