Self-care is a must
If not now, when?

Focus On What You Can Control


What simple self-care steps can you take each day to make life and work more enjoyable, more rewarding, and less stressful.

Check-in with yourself each day and note how you are feeling and what has triggered your feelings.

Feeling on Fire Today? And we are not talking about that menopausal on fire... What happened, did you get a good night sleep, finish all your tasks the day before or did you jump up out of bed and punch out a 20-minute exercise routine? 

Meh... should have stayed in bed today? Find a way to be extra kind to yourself today and do one thing that makes you feel better right now. 

40 hours is enough! Working longer does not achieve more. Respect 40 hours as a week’s work; don’t create an ‘always on’ culture which will burn-out your greatest assets.

I'm empty! Have you spent all day in your chair today? Did you greet your family this morning with love and paused and listened to them or did you just rush into another busy day?

Focus on what you can control and take 3 steps each day towards self-care! Start today with:

  1. Exercise... it doesn't need to be vigorous, just take yourself out for a 20-minute walk today.

  2. Smile and greet everyone you meet today with a hello-smile.

  3. Laugh, find something to laugh at today... watch your favourite comedian or a video of a baby laughing, it's infectious... 

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