Motivating & Healthy Workplace Environments
A healthy, enjoyable work environment creates a healthy, productive business.

Make work more enjoyable, more rewarding and less stressful by sticking to ‘The New York Manifesto’.
  1. Presume permission – assume the permission to be flexible; people do their best work in different ways and at different times of the day.
  2. 40 hours is enough – working longer does not achieve more. Respect 40 hours as a week’s work; don’t create an ‘always on’ culture which will burn-out your greatest assets.
  3. Reclaim your lunch – urge everyone to use lunch breaks to ‘take a break’. Use this time to socialise, get some fresh air, let the brain flat-line and just step away.
  4. Give us some space – open-plan offices are bad for concentration – and for introverts! Allow people to step away from their desks, or to be flexible with their hours if required.
  5. Digital sabbath – no-one should be forced to answer work emails on the weekend.
  6. The only way is ethics – allow people to sit in their values and be held accountable to them.
  7. Got to be me – create the environment which allows everyone to be their true selves.
  8. Laugh – laughter reduces stress levels. Teams who laugh together collaborate better.

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