It’s SO Consistent How Different We Behave

I love the 'unknown'.
I thrive in working out "what's next"; however, one of my team nearly breaks out in boils if asked to "just wing it".
She thrives with a step-by-step procedure & a weekly plan or her head is filled with white noise and she slowly melts-down. . . .

Sound familiar?? What you will have noticed within the CoVid-19 macro-environment is that each of your team-members is consistent in how very differently they will be reacting to stress, disruption, and the ‘unknown’ months ahead. What we DO know, is their individual strengths influence these reactions.

If you haven’t taken the time to work out your team-member’s strengths do it now!!! By tapping into these strengths you can leverage what people do very well, and avoid the pitfalls of exposing others to situations, or tasks, which are not their strength. Strengths help us navigate in times of disruption, specifically workplace disruption.

Consider the following: What does my team-member need; what does he/she bring to the team / business?

Have your team-members consider their strengths – if they are clueless pose two simple questions.

  1. Based on my strengths, what do I need most during this time? (e.g. communication, a to-do list, a simple process to follow each day, autonomy to think outside the box)
  2. Based on my strengths, what do I bring to help navigate through this time & achieve the key priorities this business needs? (e.g. calmness in the face of chaos, ability to think clearly in a noisy environment, objective view of current processes)
These questions start a process which becomes the foundation of high-achieving, well-rounded teams. Sharing strengths and comparing gaps helps us create a rounded business which leverages combined strengths rather than promotes individuals. Use this discussion as a Team Cohesion session and share your own responses with them as well.

As an example, if one team member has an identified strength of ‘Communication’ then going through this team process might discover that they should deliver more face to face, or phone, communication rather than email. They can ensure information is conveyed well and avoids ambiguity through delivering on their strength.
Every strength has a different "need" and something different it "brings." When we understand our strengths, we can make sense of our reactions to the changing world around us and better position ourselves. Focusing on, and leading with, strengths creates stronger teams and stronger business -- even in the face of disruption. If you need help identifying your team-members strengths call Shiift. We can assist with simple online assessments, individual strengths reports and team cohesion sessions; or simply provide the information you need to create your own.
Wobbles are OK!