How many of your employees are thriving?

Reporting % of thriving employees will soon become a requirement for all companies – just like reporting absenteeism & incidents.
In measuring 'thrive' we are measuring health and well-being - something which has been easily ignored pre CoVid-19. Today's workplace needs to focus on the humanity of their business - personal and professional lives have never been as blurred as they are today. So why is it important to have thriving employees?
Workers who are not thriving in their lives are much more vulnerable and add risk to your organization. Employees not thriving in life report the following risks (Gallup 2020):
61% higher likelihood of burnout often or always
48% higher likelihood of stress
66% higher likelihood of worry
Double the rate of sadness and anger
Companies are now employing and managing the ‘whole person’, not just the workplace employee.
  • Prior to COVID-19, work and life had become blended through working remotely and flexible hours. Due to CoVid many employees were forced to work from home and work and life became very blended for most.
  • Post CoVid work and life will never be separated again as they were previously.

Thriving Employees

  • Thriving employees have 53% fewer missed days due to health issues and substantially lower disease burden due to depression and anxiety diagnosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack and chronic pain.
Employers Can Improve Thriving
  • Engaging employees is the first step; once engaged – or connected - employees are more likely to involve themselves in company wellbeing initiatives.
  • Managers who engage their employees establish more trust -- making them open to wellbeing efforts that affect the whole person.
  • Engaging people means creating & cultivating greater connections – communicating, valuing, trusting, respecting, listening & supporting.
At Shiift our everyday goal is to thrive. We continually discuss what makes us thrive, and target specific tasks to those who enjoy them the most. Workplace satisfaction creates stronger connections with individuals and the business.

The workplace, and the employer, should be a stabilizer in people's lives - especially in times of continuous change and uncertainty. How can you help your people thrive today?
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