How many of your employees are thriving?

Reporting % of thriving employees will soon become a requirement for all companies – just like reporting absenteeism & incidents. In measuring 'thrive' we are measuring health and well-being - something which has been easily ignored pre CoVid-19. Today's workplace needs to focus on the humanity of their business - personal and professional live...

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Reduce Email STRESS!!

Communication is not simple, and communication, when we are not face to face with our audience, it's fraught with danger through ambiguous messages and meanings. Enjoy our tips for reducing email stress: Send fewer emails – the more you send the more you receive, and that’s stressful – for you and everyone else. Respond quickly – tr...

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think...explore...become In this highly competitive marketplace, a strong company structure & workplace culture are key to high employee engagement, increased productivity, consistent customer satisfaction - and, ultimately, increases your business’s financial health. Shiift provides mentoring for businesses in the growth phase to better...

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You use your strengths every day . . . . do you know yours???

What a great weekend spent helping some awesome people identify what they are innately good at & harnessing those strengths! Strengths-based coaching is a great tool for everyone - young, old, those searching for answers, those searching for something new . . . we can all benefit from identifying our strengths and understanding what we are innately good...

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How to build strong people, strong teams, strong culture!

Personal strengths are the characteristics of a person that supports 'best-performance', 'peak' performance or 'optimal' performance . . . whatever definition floats your boat really! So how do we get the best from our team? Through strengths-based coaching! By harnessing & developing innate strengths, individuals, teams & businesses can achieve s...

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