Extroverts in Isolation - Help, We Are NOT OK!

As my introverted friends ecstatically prepare for ‘lock-down’ discussing jigsaw puzzles, books, solo projects, and . . . . nothingness (????) I’m loudly (extrovertedly) hyperventilating into a brown paper bag. What do you mean “it’s ok not to see anyone for 3 months days” – I will be rocking back and forth in a corner after 3 days! What do you mean ...

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Why You Should Choose An Introvert as Your Next Manager

Ever wondered why introverts make great leaders???? Consider the following strengths: Introverts tend to think before acting - great problem-solving abilities! Introverts prefer to think things through, rather than talk things through - no unnecessary gossip! Introverts have a depth of interests rather than a breadth of interests - you don't get muc...

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