Millennials - What Do They Want??

The clock’s ticking Baby-boomers. It’s time to embrace change, peeps!
Millennials are sooooo yesterday - we are already on to Gen Y & Z . . . so get on the bus Baby-boomers and learn what makes Millennials tick!

Purpose - Millennials want a purpose . . . “Why?????” I hear you yell. Well, the days of leading punitively are over. No-one is really motivated to work harder due to threats or negative consequences. They are motivated to work harder if they know their work has a greater purpose. Millennials need to be told why that task is important, why this business exists, why we behave the way we do, why we value what we value. The upside for business owners is it increases engagement, takes little to no time at all to explain, and creates a culture of purpose which is passed on to your customer experience. Create a culture of purpose & live by it.
Development - Only four in 10 millennials believe they have the skills and knowledge they’ll need to thrive. Without training or upskilling, disappointment turns to discouragement and disengagement. When pressed, most companies say they’re not investing in millennials because they just don’t think they will stick around - it’s just too costly. Millennials don’t want to stagnate, they thrive on being upskilled, trained, and developed. Their brains are looking for ‘what’s next?’ so it’s easier (and cheaper) if you supply a learning (what’s next) environment rather than have them move on to the next employer.
Coaching - Millennials thrive better under ‘coaches’ than they do under ‘bosses’. Yup, I can hear the collective groaning . . . but hear me out. Bosses delegate, tell people what to do, and structure the day; coaches ask for input, feedback and listen to their team. This creates an environment of innovation and greater engagement, whereby team members feel like they have a say in the outcomes of the business and have an impact on their own outcomes. When we coach, rather than delegate, we create a relationship which encourages growth and transparency in communications.
Strengths - Millennials thrive when they can focus on their strengths – not their weaknesses. Focusing on weaknesses is a tough gig if we only have minimal ability to strengthen them. Alternatively, focusing on our strengths can accelerate teams when they pool their strengths together. Focusing on strengths requires minimal effort to accelerate them, as opposed to building upon weaknesses. Makes sense to me . . . . but then I’m a strengths-coach!
Millennials don’t just want a job – they want a purpose. To a millennial, a job provides a purpose and a purpose is what gets us out of bed each day! If you haven’t yet found your purpose then a Millennial-type kick up the butt might be just what the doctor ordered . . . .

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