Sometimes people send us bat-shit crazy!

“Sometimes people just send us bat-shit crazy!"

If you struggle managing people, hopscotching through a minefield of potential conflict every day, & you continue to wonder why you have to be a:

1. Counsellor, 
2. Mum, 
3. Psychologist,
3. Referee, 
4. Friend, 
5. Teacher, 
6. Drinking buddy & more . . . . then you need Shiift!  

Teaching people how to manage people is something we do very well! 

Via the science of human behaviour, combined with our vast business acumen - we help people perform better. Shiift specialises in productivity & performance in your business, and your people. 

We help you create the team you need and the business you hoped for, by providing a source of additional expertise, support, and advice - a robust, specialised addition to your team.

We deliver one-off services, customised programs, or long-term contracts to create measurable outcomes. 

Contact us for a complimentary 45 minute assessment of your business needs, or register your interest on any of our services and products.

Our Services
Leadership Development | Leadership Programs
Company EBA's & Negotiations
Efficiencies & Productivity Workshops & Coaching
Policies & Procedures Development
Organisational Gap Analysis
Advisory Board Services
Strategic Planning
Think Tanks
Industrial & Work Relations Issues & Investigations
Business Governance and Process Review

Warning: Shiift workshops contain swearing, belly-laughs and more…….come and join us.“