Think Tanks

Think Tank - brainstorm with like-minded business owners

Up for discussion - Workflow Automation, Exit & Succession Planning, HR Advice, Financial / Business Projections, Increasing Productivity, Risk Management, Resilience, Diversifying ..........

Shiift is offering a fantastic monthly forum for groups of like-minded business owners to brainstorm business and workplace issues & challenges,  and gain immediate solutions - from those who have faced the same challenges before. 

Our Think Tank forums are perfect for those wanting to explore solutions, to innovate, and/or diversify and could also function as a substitute Advisory Board for your small business. 

As required:
  • confidentiality
  • guaranteeing non-competition environments is of utmost priority
  • groups of 8 people maximum will be carefully selected via experience, skillset, and industry.  
  • careful selection and consideration will be taken in forming these groups; you will have access to your group's details prior to accepting your invitation. 

Confidentiality Agreements will be sent prior to commencement; all sessions will be facilitated by Shiift and may include guest facilitators according to specialised skill sets. 

The cost is $159/mth or $900 for six-month membership.

If this is what you have been seeking, register your interest today.

Interested parties will be assessed upon suitability to the group.

Contact us for more information about our workshops and programs.