Why You Should Choose An Introvert as Your Next Manager

Ever wondered why introverts make great leaders????

Consider the following strengths:

  • Introverts tend to think before acting - great problem-solving abilities!
  • Introverts prefer to think things through, rather than talk things through - no unnecessary gossip!
  • Introverts have a depth of interests rather than a breadth of interests - you don't get much more focussed than that!
  • Introverts lead shoulder to shoulder not seeking the limelight - creating respect & mutual trust.
  • Introverts make great listeners - no frustrating extroverted interruptions.
It's no secret - I'd love to be an introvert!! Alas, I don't have the ability to regulate my mouth, be quiet, or enjoy being reflective.

I've observed many introverts in leadership roles and see many, many strengths. They lead with a quiet, respectful power - side by side with their team. When paired with an extrovert in the management team the combined strengths of introversion coupled with an extrovert's communication techniques can make for an inspiring, motivating management team.

How many introverts do you have in your team? Do you allow time for them to think before pushing for solutions? Do you give them a heads-up about what you would like to discuss prior to your meetings to allow time to think?

Don't miss out on harnessing the best out of your introverted team-members - work with their strengths instead of ignoring the silence.