Recognising Individuals - it's not always about you!

"Thanks for today, everyone . . . . . blah, blah, blah . ."

When was the last time you gave positive feedback to the individuals in your team??? A generic 'thankyou' like the example above can do more harm than good as we do not recognise what has been done, who has done it , or why you are thanking them?

If you are looking to change the culture of your workplace to a positive place to be - where people turn up as their authentic selves - start giving positive feedback and recognition today!

All of us love to feel valued; to feel like our direct manager can really 'see' us - who we are, what we do, and how we make a difference in the workplace. How do we create this in our workplace??  - give recognition - to the right person, at the right time, in a way which resonates to the individual. It may be just a sincere 'thankyou, I see you' scenario or it may be a cherub-heralding, confetti-cannon style 'shout it from the rooftop' type of recognition. Either way, ensure it is specific to the person, uniquely adapted to suit their personality type (introvert/extrovert) and their level of comfort.

There is no need for monetary rewards, the recognition of being individually appreciated has been shown to provide far greater motivation to the majority of staff. Giving out annual bonuses does not say "I saw what you did today, I value you", it says "Thanks for turning up each week, I don't really care enough to tailor this recognition to the individual - so here is a cash bonus!" The problem with cash bonuses is it creates an expectation - when the bonus doesn't turn up negativity immediately sets it. Alternatively, the random recognitions of "thankyou, I see you, and value what you do each day" go a long, long way. Why? They're unexpected!

When individuals are appreciated, feel positive, and motivated, the natural knock-on effect to the rest of the team will show a measurable lift in team cohesion, performance, happiness and of course customer service.